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Virgin Islands Hook Bracelet Every part of the world has something special that mentally takes you back to that place. The hook bracelet has a unique and simple design. According to her story,long ago on the island of St. Croix, a beautiful young girl fell desperately in love with a sailor, and they planned to marry. She wanted to present her husband-to-be with a wedding gift that would signify their deep and unending love, but wedding rings—or access to them on a scarcely populated Virgin Island —were not an option. So, she raided his tackle box for fishing hooks and heavy leader and began to create. She snipped and smoothed the hooks, wrapped and braided the wire, and the first Hook bracelet was born. If the open hook is worn facing the heart, it means you are lucky enough to have found your true love. The signature hook bracelet style is still the most popular among locals and tourists alike, yet there are more than 30 different Hook bracelet designs, each signifying different things. Some of the Hook bracelets are designed to commemorate storms that were devastating to the islands, like Hugo and Lenny.


Long Island Sound Cruising Guide: The Long Island side offers a succession of great cruising destinations in its bays, while the northern territory is characterized by rivers spilling around islands that offer shelter for the night. And yes, even somewhere as densely populated as around Long Island Sound and the NY metro area, there are more secluded anchorages than one can count.

When you consider that you are providing the residents with ambiance by anchoring your boat in front of their house, you will realize that you need not have a bad conscience. There are many designated anchorages marked on the charts where you can comfortably park your boat for the night – and others, unmarked, that are fair game as well – with a bit of local knowledge.

Now that the role of de Blasio in the sale of Long Island College Hospital (LICH) is under investigation, the Brooklyn Eagle has compiled an archive of hundreds of articles we published on the.

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There is laundry on site as well as a diner with a M-F breakfast and lunch buffet that is very popular. Non-campers come in droves to eat there. The campground is pretty nice but run-down in parts.

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Hillary Clinton correct that Austin’s Alex Jones said no one died at Sandy Hook Elementary

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Long Island Sound is sandwiched between Long Island to the South and NY/CT to the North, and these two sides are very diverse both topographically and culturally.

The continental regulars on the island took a few shots at them before fleeing, and the citizens’ militia switched over to the British side. After the end of the reading, a mob ran down to Bowling Green with ropes and bars, where they tore down the gilded lead equestrian statue of George III of Great Britain. The ships sailed along the New Jersey shore and continued up the Hudson, sailing past Fort Washington and arriving by nightfall at Tarrytown , the widest part of the Hudson.

The only casualties of the day were six Americans who were killed when their own cannon blew up. Hessians in their blue uniforms are in the two boats that are only partly visible. The next day, July 13, Howe attempted to open negotiations with the Americans. The letter was addressed “George Washington, Esq. Washington asked his officers whether it should be received or not, as it did not recognize his rank as general, and they unanimously said no.

Patterson told Washington that Howe had come with powers to grant pardons, but Washington said, “Those who have committed no fault want no pardon. By August 12, 3, more British troops and another 8, Hessians had arrived. Faced with this large force, Washington was unsure as to where the British would attack. He broke his army in half, stationing half of it on Manhattan, and the other half on Long Island; the army on Long Island was commanded by Greene.

John Sullivan was placed in command until Greene was well enough to resume command. This high point overlooking the Narrows was an American artillery position and was bombarded by the British before the invasion, but the actual landing took place farther east at Gravesend Bay around to the left from the perspective of this illustration where the conditions were more favorable for the small British boats carrying the troops.

Historical Sites on Long Island

While the English settlers managed to exist side-by-side with the Indians, the Dutch immigrants were not so willing to treat the Indians fairly. In exchange for furs and wampum, the Dutch were likely to give the Indians guns and rum. Indians were often murdered by Dutch troublemakers, and the tribes of western Long Island turned their guns against settlers more than once. Trouble with the Dutch was one of the factors which eventually drove the Indians from Long Island.

Another was a smallpox epidemic in , which reportedly killed two-thirds of the tribes in the area. Moreover, the influx of white settlers and the resulting expansion of farmland drove animals away, and the Indians who were hunters migrated to the mainland in pursuit of game.

The Battle of Long Island is also known as the Battle of Brooklyn and the Battle of Brooklyn victory over the Americans gave the British control of the strategically important city of New was fought on August 27, , and was the first major battle of the American Revolutionary War to take place after the United States declared its independence on July 4,

Print directions The star attraction to Hook Island is its fringing coral reefs that offer snorkelers and divers many opportunities to get up and close with the local marine life and tropical fish. The reefs are kept in pristine conditions with an abundance of tropical fish and relatively healthy coral bommies because of the low visitation it experiences. Due to its seclusion, the only way to reach Hook Island is by private boat.

However, some companies offer island transfers to help get campers to and from the island. Nara Inlet at the Southern end of the Island, provides a sheltered bay to anchor. The conditions are ideal for sailing and kayaking.

Seal Bay RV Park & Campground

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Type: shipwreck, barge Sunk: March foundered under tow Depth: 60 ft. This medium-sized crane barge sank under tow in March The barge is upside-down, but propped up at a 30 degree angle by the crane, rising 30 feet off the bottom at the highest point.

Elizabeth Montgomery, a member of the Congregation of the Sisters of St. Joseph, Brentwood, died on October 13, in the 72nd year of her religious life. She entered the Congregation in from the parish of St. James, Brooklyn ; St. Christopher, Baldwin ; St. She earned a BA degree in History from St. Matthew, Brooklyn ; Our Lady of Mt. Robert Bellarmine, Bayside ; St. Philip Neri, Northport ; St. Anne, Brentwood ; St. She then retired in

Is there electric hook up at the sites?

Each lot is privately owned while all the common areas including streets, buildings, tennis courts, swimming pool, etc. Yes, a monthly maintenance fee, billed quarterly, provides the following services and maintenance for the resort and individual lots: Owners are responsible for the following: Members are limited to the commercial, third-party exposure only. You will receive a tax bill directly from Beaufort County each year.

All lots must be rented through the rental office.

November 7, Join the Chebeague Island Church for our children’s Christmas musical, “Aaron the Allergic Shepherd”, a humorous tale of one of the nativity shepherds who is also allergic to sheep!This musical is open to children of all ages, with speaking and singing roles available for all kids ages , with the performance on Sunday, December 23rd!

Iguana Island in Turks and Caicos 23rd January 8: This former low-lying island is situated a short hop away from the main island of Providenciales and is easily accessible either by a pre-paid excursion, or by kayak. This unique area is home to a small population of Rock Iguanas, who are native to the islands. Their population was once healthy and flourishing, however due to the introduction of domestic pets, particularly cats and dogs, the population rapidly declined and the species became endangered.

As part of large conservation efforts to not only protect the Rock Iguana, but allow them the opportunity and safe habitat to repopulate, Iguana Island has become a well-protected, eco-friendly environment. It is both a safe home for the iguanas and also a popular visitor destination where tourists can see the animals in a safe, non-harmful way. How to reach Iguana Island The island is a very short distance just meters away from Providenciales and can be easily reached in one of two ways.

Firstly, visitors can take part in an excursion, which will also usually include the cost of the entrance fee to the visitor park. Secondly, it is also possible to cross to the island on a kayak, which can be rented from Big Blue Unlimited , and paddle across to the island independently.

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