Six crew called to fire at Plowman Tower

For a while at least. The trip takes about two hours, which is just about long enough for me to read the paper, do the Times2 quick crossword, and, complete the Killer Sudoku….. Actually, on my last trip I was particularly distracted by the advertisement on the back of the antimacassars. You know, those paper-like things that cover the seat headrest and flaps over the back. They were originally a piece of cloth protecting a seat headrest from staining by hair oil. I was offended on several levels. Firstly, it is just a bad advert. At least not driving one. I would be in disguise.

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The College was founded by Queen Mary I upon the site of an older college and monastery, Durham College, founded in Some of the earlier buildings still survive, dating from The relationship between undergraduates and the academic staff is open and friendly. Tutorial and pastoral care are given a high priority. Our strong sense of community and excellent facilities provide the ideal environment for hard work and academic achievement, but we are equally keen to encourage all-round individual development.

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Now, at 78, he spends time in his Unity garage working on restoration projects, including a Ford F pickup truck. No, they poured from the lungs of more than 12, people on a summer night in , with an energy sounding less like a displeased crowd and more like thunder of a fast-approaching storm. Arms hurled litter into the air. Hands cupped the ears of young children, shielding them from vile language. At the center of the storm — the target of so much ire — a salad salesman from central Maine stood defiantly in the Oxford stock car racing victory lane.

Yet for all of the names associated with the history of the Oxford , only three drivers have won it three times. And for a dominant stretch from , nobody was better than the polarizing Nason, whose aggressive racing style and fiery personality often frustrated his competition, infuriated fans and angered race officials. But all he did was win. His current pet is a Ford F pickup truck on the shop floor, but the room behind that is filled with Plymouths and Cadillacs from the s and s, lined up and waiting their turn for work.

The garage is on the Unity Raceway property, the track Nason has owned since Only two things illustrate the history Nason made in the sport.

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Courtesy of Shroeder Romero I. The room is small and slanted, decorated with a few pieces of mismatched furniture, everything in tan or chestnut brown, bland but comfortable. I could be anywhere, lying on this foam-padded twin mattress. Then, of course, I remember:

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Thomas Holloway was born in in Plymouth, Devon and moved to London in During the mid ‘s, he employed an agent in the United States as evidenced from some advertising in the New York Daily Times dated September , to market pills and his ointment. Further evidence from advertising recorded in the same journal in March proves that Holloway’s business in the US was well established and that his business was trading from an address known as 80 Maiden Lane New York.

In the business moved a few doors along to 78 Maiden Lane, New York. The smaller sizes of pots are commonly found but do carry variations, some quite subtle, particularly with the hairstyles and drappery worn by the seated lady. An interesting variation is that known as the “boobs out” variation whereby the printers obviously has some fun when producing the transfer.

The larger sizes of ointment were sold in lidded pots that carried the pictorial. One of the U. In addition to the name of the product and the boastful claims, the pot contains the trademark image of a woman wearing an ethereal white robe and flanked by a snake, the symbol for healing.

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All wedding guests are welcome, we can’t wait to see you there! Sunday Funday After the festivities on Saturday, Meghan and Joe will continue the holiday weekend by spending the day in Oxford on Sunday to enjoy our old stomping grounds and favorite watering holes around town. Feel free to join us if you’re sticking around! She and Meghan have a shared taste in memes and in music, and enjoy collaborating on Spotify playlists to match their many moods.

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Southampton Crew on board Titanic The scale of the impact the Titanic disaster had upon Southampton cannot be stressed enough. Four in every five members of the crew came from Southampton, with over perishing in the icy waters of the Atlantic Ocean. Below is a list of all crew members who gave their address as a location in Southampton. The street with the largest number of sailors on was Oxford Street. This is mainly due to the Sailors’ Home – now the Salvation Army – and a number of hostels that were on the street at the time.

Some of the streets listed below no longer exist due to a number of factors, most commonly damage during the Second World War and subsequent town planning policies. To find a particular name or location, press the F3 button on your keyboard and type the name you are looking for. If using an iPad or iPhone, type the name you want into the Safari search bar, which will automatically pick up any matches. This list only contains names and addresses of the crew members whom gave Southampton as their address.

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Email this article to a friend To send a link to this page you must be logged in. Cambridge returned to the top of the growth chart in the third quarter of Cambridge has the fastest growing city economy in the UK — and that will continue for the next year, a new study by law firm Irwin Mitchell suggests. It recorded a 2. Cambridge is forecast to be the fastest-growing city in the UK in Victoria Brackett, chief executive of business legal services at Irwin Mitchell, which has an office in Hills Road, Cambridge, said:

Rowing with One Oar tells the story of a boss who asks an employee to row to a series of islands in a rowboat with only one oar. When the employee protests, the boss responds, Thats the latest and greatest oar! The New Rules for Dating, Relationships, and Finding Love On Your Terms (Oxford Specialist Handbooks in Psychiatry) The Lucky.

She was one of the first submarines ever to be used in conflict, and the first to sink a battleship. It was assumed the blast had ruptured the sub, drowning its occupants, but when the Hunley was raised in , salvage experts were amazed to find the eight-man crew poised as if they had been caught completely unawares by the tragedy. All were still sitting in their posts and there was no evidence that they had attempted to flee the foundering vessel. The submarine being raised in Credit: Three years of experiments on a mini-test sub have shown that the torpedo blast would have created a shockwave great enough to instantly rupture the blood vessels in the lungs and brains of the submariners.

Unfortunately, the soft tissues that would show us what happened have decomposed in the past hundred years. The furthest any of the crew was from the blast was about 42 feet.

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View a printable version of this page. Did you know that.. Oxford on screen Harry Potter Oxford is famous for its film locations, featuring in movies such as Harry Potter and Shadowlands.

The venerable Oxford, also known as a “Balmoral,” sets the design standard for men’s dress shoes. Its sleek lines and subtle styling look great with almost any casual or formal outfit.

The range appears to have been an elaborate timber-framed cross-wing whose hall has been rebuilt. As well as the primary date for the trusses of the medieval wing, various phases of rebuilding and repair have been dated. Plan in Smith, Houses of the Welsh Countryside, fig. The outer room has been replaced by a nineteenth-century cross wing but otherwise the house is virtually complete and retains its multi-cusped roof. A cusped aisle truss stands at the entrance to the hall and has twin bowtail mouldings on the posts.

The hall roof is divided into two unequal bays by an arch-braced collar-beam truss with cusped apex, and a cusped louvre-truss is perched on the purlins of the larger inner bay. The dais-end truss has a two-tier post-and-panel partition set under the tiebeam. The seventeenth-century date of an inserted beam in the aisle truss relates to the modernisation of the hall and presumably dates the distinctive first-floor dormers and ovolo-moulded windows.

Egryn is fully described by Peter Smith in J. The Middle Ages Cardiff, , , figs Smith, Houses of the Welsh Countryside, figs 45, 55a, 62a. It was originally domestic, probably built as a dower house when the principal house was modernised. It is a fully storeyed dwelling of Snowdonia plan with cross passage and end chimneys.

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